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What to Expect

Is grooming new to your dog? Here's what they can expect during their time with us!

First I will take time to greet your dog and build trust. Then a nice bath with shampoo that is specifically chosen to suit your dogs coat and skin type.

If there is a lot of hair to remove or the coat is matted, I may remove the bulk before drying and then tidy everything up after a fluff dry. Otherwise drying comes first and is tailored to the size and temperament of your dog…..no big, loud dryers on a tiny Yorkie at PoochPower!

After drying, the coat is trimmed using clippers and /or scissors according to the style and your requirements.

Lastly, the nails are trimmed.

There are no cages used at PoochPower. Instead a large, open topped kiddie play pen with fresh water and a comfy bed provides a safe and secure resting place for if you have more than one dog.

We only take dogs from one family at a time so if your doggy is nervous or just not keen on other dogs, you don’t need to worry.



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