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Full Service Groom

A Full Service Groom includes a bath followed by towel and warm air drying, eye and ear cleaning, nail clipping, full brush-out, and a haircut based on your dog's breed standard or your individual choice.

These prices are based on a coat which is in good condition, and are intended as an example guide only. The final cost will be dependant on your dog's coat condition, weight and temperament. Where a price range is indicated, this is to cover the wide range of sizes and coat types within a breed and is still based on a coat which is in good condition.

Breed Price
Yorkshire Terrier35€
West Highland White45€
Lhasa Apso45€
Shih Tzu45€
Springer Spaniel55€ - 65€
Miniature Schnauzer50€
Golden Retriever 70€
Cavalier King Charles 45€
Border Collie 70€
Tibetan Terrier 49€ - 59€
Cocker Spaniel 45€ - 60€
Pomeranian 40€
Poodle (toy) 45€
Poodle (miniature) 48€
Bichon Frise 45€
Hand strip (small) 65€ - POA

Wash and Brush-Up

Our wash and brush-up service is perfect for keeping your dog looking his or her best between grooms. Prices assume a coat that's in good condition.

Breed Size Price

Additional Services / Fees

These additional services are chargeable.

Service Price
Nail trim 10€
Bath and towel dry (short coats only) 10€
Late collection fee 20€/hr

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